Launched Last Night, Went Viral, & is Within a Whisker of Stealing the Weather Channel App's #1 Ranking

Miami, FL (August 6, 2013) - The cat is out of the bag - Grumpy Cat, the world's most famous cat, is the featured feline in a new, free iPhone weather application launching globally today. The app, Weather Kitty, delivers on its tagline of Smile Every Time You Check the Weather: The adorable kittens are outdoors when it's sunny, sleepy at night, and react strongly to extreme conditions.

Grumpy Cat is one of Weather Kitty's five featured themes, sporting her signature scowl and usual snarky commentary. Weather Kitty's free forecast themes include an Outdoorsy and Summer Fun theme, while its premium, $1.99 options include not just Grumpy Cat, but also an Add Your Own Kitty and a Yoga Cats theme.

There are over 100 cats in the initial version, and the developers plan to add more with each update. The weather forecast is provided by Weather Underground (a The Weather Channel company) and includes expanded current, hourly, and 5-day forecasts for cities all around the world.

Weather Kitty is the much anticipated follow-up to Weather Puppy, the work of Miami-based duo Shiv Takhar and Suraj Hemnani.

"Cats rule the internet, so it was a logical and fun progression, though our friends joke that we might have taken the expression 'it's raining cats and dogs' a little too seriously," Shiv says.

Weather Puppy, launched in October 2012, has a 5-star user rating in the Apple App Store and has partnered with 16 non-profit animal shelters around the world. Sales of its shelter-specific fund-raising themes are on pace to raise over $10,000 for charity in their first year.

"We've been overwhelmed by the positive response to Weather Puppy and plan on using its success as a springboard to other, more impactful projects at the intersection of technology and animal welfare," Suraj says.

Weather Kitty and Weather Puppy are available for download in the Apple App Store and Android users can sign-up for an email alert at

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